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User permissions problem in Oneclick Spectrum


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Spectrum is currently experiencing issues with user permissions management. The licenses window fails to populate, generating the following error message when trying to manage roles:

This user or group has no licenses, therefore this user or group has no privileges in OneClick. In order to get OneClick privileges you will need to add a license for this user or group.


The affected servers are running on RHEL7



Internal threading issue


Release :



This is resolved in DX Netops 21.2.1 and higher.  For, patch Spectrum_10.04.03.01.PTF_10.4.3.101 can be requested by opening a support case:


This is a PTF patch for the following issue:

 DE507955 Details:
  Symptom : Spectrum OneClick client shows latency and slowness and client debug console log shows lot many "clear config failed" messages.
  Resolution: Spectrum OneClick client will be swift and fast without any latency or slowness. Client debug console log will be free from "clear config failed" messages.
  (DE507955, 32740169)

This is a OneClick only patch and needs to be installed on all OneClick hosts.