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What does a '7305' message mean under Easytrieve for Windows?


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Easytrieve Report Generator


The following messages started appearing in the SYSPRINT for reports:

CA Easytrieve 11.1 SP0  License validation error 7305

CA Easytrieve compiler was not licensed...running

What is this '7305' error and how may it be resolved?


Easytrieve Report Generator for Windows, release 11.1


The 7305 comes from the Easytrieve license verification and it means that the license will expire in 10 days and needs to be renewed.
Below are all of the possible errors which may occur and what they mean:
        LIC_AOK=7300,               /* success - all ok */
        LIC_NO_LICENSE=7302,    /* component not licensed (but ca.olf exists) but still in grace period */
        LIC_WG_COUNT=7303,          /* workgroup license count exceeded */
        LIC_EXPIRED=7304,           /* license expired but still in grace period */
        LIC_WILL_EXPIRE=7305,   /* license will expire within 10 days */
        LIC_DLL_EXPIRED=7306,   /* OBSOLETE - DO NOT USE - license dll expired */
        LIC_CANT_OPEN=7309,         /* can't find/open ca.olf file */
        LIC_CORR_FILE=7311,         /* OBSOLETE - DO NOT USE - corrupt file */
        LIC_CANT_READ=7312,         /* OBSOLETE - DO NOT USE - can't read file */
        LIC_MAC_SERIAL=7315,    /* OBSOLETE - DO NOT USE - MAC address or serial number incorrect */
        LIC_MACHINETYPE=7316,   /* machine type incorrect */
        LIC_TERMINATE=7317,         /* Enterprise or Workgroup grace period expired */
        LIC_EE_COUNT=7318,          /* OBSOLETE - DO NOT USE - Enterprise/TNG license count exceeded */
        LIC_UPG_AOK=7319,       /* OBSOLETE - DO NOT USE - Product is not trial version, can be upgraded */
        LIC_UPG_NAOK=7320,      /* OBSOLETE - DO NOT USE - Product is trial version, can not be upgraded */
        LIC_REG_LATER=7321,     /* OBSOLETE - DO NOT USE - */
        LIC_SAFETY=7322,        /* OBSOLETE - DO NOT USE - */
        LIC_INTERNAL_ERROR=7399 /* An internal error */