OPSBCPII task fails after machine upgrade from 3906 to 8561 - OPBCP999L error
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OPSBCPII task fails after machine upgrade from 3906 to 8561 - OPBCP999L error


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Following a hardware upgrade from machine type 3906 to 8561 the OPSBCPII task fails to start.
When I attempt to start it,  it tries to initialize for about a minute and then dies.
We have the same situation in two lpars on different machines, before the hardware upgrade OPSBCPII worked fine, after the upgrade it doesn't start.
The log of the OPSBCPII task ends with the msg
"OPBCP999L - ( OPIITOPO ) avlInsert failed for Image entry=Images"
It looks like the code uses the word 'Images' where the actual name of an image was expected?
I'll upload the log from a pre-upgrade start STC13347 and the failed start post-upgrade STC13685.
Could you please examine the problem documentation?
Regards, Tim.


Release : 14.0





The OPSBCPII should not be affected by this type of hardware change.  

In the one reported case, A hardware engineer did a reboot of the support element of the z15 and after that the OPSBCPII address space starts up (and stays up) normally as expected.
Apparently there was some sort of condition in the SE caused the hwilist() function to return an lpar named "Images"...

In the event such a change needs to be investigated further: 

  1. Review the BCPII configuration and ensure it was copied over correctly and completely
  2. Verify in the OPSBCPii log that the correct number of images are being picked up
  3. on the Change Lpar Security panel the Cross Partition Authority indicators should also be checked.
  4. open a support case and provide the OPSBCPii Log
  5. In the HMC, 1) select the CEC in question, and expand the task list in the lower pane, under operational Customization click on Change LPAR Security. Examine the BCPii Permissions field and let  us know what you see, and 2)  The next thing to check is under HMC management, select Customize API Settings, check that the community name is defined for BCPii .