After upgrade can not connect Datamaker to Repository
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After upgrade can not connect Datamaker to Repository


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


After upgrading the TDM Portal and Datamaker to 4.10 The JDBC connection used by TDM Portal works fine, but the ODBC connection to the gtrep repository is failing. 
We are seeing an error about the client not being able to use SSL encryption on the MS SQL server 2016 database.
How do we correct this?


TDM Datamaker 4.10
MS SQL 2016


The gtrep SQL Server database was upgraded to enable SSL for all connections.


Starting with TDM Datamaker patch 4.9.1040.0 (for TDM 4.9.1) and 4.10.2 (for TDM 4.10), or greater, Broadcom now provides an updated MS SQL Server driver to version 18 which will allow for the connection to new database servers including those set up with encryption. By default, Broadcom only ships the ODBC 8 driver installer as part of the GT Datamaker installation. We do not install the driver for you. You will need to install the driver manually.

The updated MS SQL Server ODBC Client 18.0 driver installation can be found in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Grid-Tools\GTDatamaker\GTFiles\MS SQL Server ODBC Client 18.0 folder (default location). However, if you installed your GT Datamaker in a different location, you will need to look in the directory where GT Datamaker was installed.

As previously noted, you will need to run this installation manually.

Then create a new ODBC connection using the MS SQL Server ODBC Client 18.0 driver. Update Datamaker to use the new 32-bit ODBC connection name.

NOTE: if you receive an error referencing the OLE ODBC 18 driver, you can download it from the Microsoft Website link below, and install it.


Additional Information

Below is the link to the TDM Patches page.