TLMS - Tapes scratched in the TS7700 but not in TLMS
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TLMS - Tapes scratched in the TS7700 but not in TLMS


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TLMS Tape Management


The tapes are mounted in output and rejected by TLMS because they are not scratch.This problem occurs for the tapes non scratched with a DSN=TLMSII-CRASH-PROTECTED-dsn.


Release : 14.0

Component : TLMS Tape Management


The TLMSII Crash Protect is placed on every tape at open and it is removed when TLMS sees a successful close.                                      

TLMS does not update the TCDB or VTS, IBM code does that.  TLMS does interact with IBM's OAM which updates the TCDB and VTS, but that interaction only occurs when a tape is scratched.

 Since TLMS saw the OPEN, but not the CLOSE  the tape was scratch protected to prevent it from being over-written.  TLMS  has no idea whether or not data was actually written to the tape until CLOSE. 
These tapes must be manually updated to put them into the appropriate status using the CATINQR : UPV vvvv,SCRATCH=YES and should be monitored on the TLMS041 report or execute a CATVCVS.