How to download and Install Easytrieve with SMPe
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How to download and Install Easytrieve with SMPe


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Easytrieve Report Generator


What steps are necessary to download and install Easytrieve Report Generator for Common Services or Easytrieve Report Generator ?


Release : 11.6



Easytrieve Report Generator for Common Services and Easytrieve Report Generator  are the same product.


The advised steps are as follows:

1. From the Broadcom Support Portal, download the latest version of Easytrieve Report Generator MVS 11.6 (currently 11.6 SP00)

To find the product downloads the best place to start is the Easytrieve Report Generator Product Home page or Easytrieve Report Generator Product for Common Services Home page (available from left hand menu option "All Products").

Select Downloads (Top right button) which will then show the Product Download and Solution Download tabs.

In the Products tab Search box type "Easytrieve Report Generator MVS" and select "Easytrieve Report Generator MVS" followed by the "11.6" hyperlink which goes to page Easytrieve Report Generator MVS 11.6

Download the "CA EASYTRIEVE PRODUCT PACKAGE" Product Package pax.z file i.e. "CA EASYTRIEVE PRODUCT PACKAGE - B60000ESA00.pax.Z"
See documentation "Acquire the Product Pax Files".

2. Install EASYTRIEVE, see pre-installation requirements, concurrent releases, and installation method from documentation page "Install Easytrieve for z/OS":

For a SMP/e installation, see "Install Products Using SMP/E JCL": 

3. Review "Easytrieve® Report Generator 11.6" Release Notes section of the technical docucumentation for further information.

Additional Information

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