EZTPOPT 6.4 Copied to 11.6.CBAALOAD Contents
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EZTPOPT 6.4 Copied to 11.6.CBAALOAD Contents


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Copying the EZTPOPT module from release 6.4 CAILIB to the 11.6 CBAALOAD, why does the 6.4 dataset name show up in the CBAALOAD's EZTPOPT, but not in the 6.4 EZTPOPT?

CBAALOAD is an exact copy of release 6.4 EZTPOPT.



Easytrieve Report Gen, Release : 11.6



It is fine with the EZTPOPT module having the name of the 6.4 CAILIB in the EZTPOPT for release 11.6.

This is the metadata name, binder data, stored in the load module, which is the information from where this member was copied.  Therefore, it makes sense that the original EZTPOPT from 6.4 does not contain this load module and that it is included in the EZTPOPT module in release 11.6 copied from 6.4.