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We have a corrupted project that we can't mark as inactive in order to delete it or edit the dates


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We have a project  we want to mark it for deleting but cannot change the project to inactive.

We have followed all the rules to make sure the project can be inactivated and marked for deletion.  (see below Additional Information)

This is the error received:

The logs show something similar to 

D2818EDA4732:projmgr.projectProperties) Malformed URL no protocol: nu?action=union.internalServerError


This was caused by a task having a finish date of 2222 instead of 2022.  This in turn caused the project date to be 2222.

Note, on the task list and project list pages only the 2 digit year is seen which showed 22.  

This was found my trying to fix the issue using Open Workbench.

Here too the project gave an error, but the logs then showed an error with DateDiff

Then by checking the prtask table we could see one of the tasks had a date of 2222.



Release : 15.9.1

Component : Clarity Project Management


These dates needed to be fixed manually from the backend.

Please contact support if you run into this issue and cannot change the dates through the UI.

Additional Information

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