Task picklists don't work after Task table widget added to Status tab
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Task picklists don't work after Task table widget added to Status tab


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Summary: Project TASKS Module Timeline View Not Loading. Task picklists don't work after the 'Tasks' table widget is added to STATUS Module. 

Steps Reproduce:

  1. Configure the Project Blueprint to have the STATUS Module to be the first tab 
  2. Add the 'Tasks' table widget to the Status Report layout 
  3. Create a new project from the Project Grid
  4. After creation you should be taken to the STATUS Module 
  5. Navigate to the new project's TASKS Module, Timeline View

Expected Results: The view should load and picklists should work as expected. 

Actual Results: The user cannot create and save new picklists. Toast error message = Could not save the view.  

The browser developer tools (Preview,Payload) and the app-ca.log file shows error messages. 

  1. The browser developer tools (Preview,Payload) error shows: 
    • {"resourceId":null,"httpStatus":"500","errorMessage":"API-1019 : Could not process the request due to internal error.","errorCode":"api.internalError"}
    • Request URL: http://server/ppm/rest/v1/private/picklistContexts/5041043/picklists?filter=((objectCode+%3D+null)+and+(attributeCode+%3D+%27prstatus%27)+and+(isPicklist+%3D+true)+and+(isActive+%3D+true))
      Request Method: GET
      Status Code: 500 
    • {resourceId: null, httpStatus: "400",…}
      errorCode: "odf.picklistValidationFailure"
      errorMessage: "Picklist validation error: Object code 'null' is not valid."
      httpStatus: "400"
      resourceId: null
  2. The app-ca.log shows the following error:
    • ERROR 2022-03-21 07:18:37,051 [http-nio-8080-exec-1280] ppm.rest (clarity:user:session:PPM_REST_API) Invalid object



Release: 16.0.1, 16.0.2 


DE64612, Fixed in 16.0.3


  1. Remove the 'Tasks' Table Widget from the Status Report configuration
  2. Correct the table ODF_PICKLIST_CONTEXTS where the object_code column is null:
    • Run query:  select * from odf_picklist_contexts where code like '%::projects::tasks' and object_code is null  
    • Review the affected projects to ensure correction is done appropriately
    • Run the below query to correct: 
      update odf_picklist_contexts set object_code = 'task' where code like '%::projects::tasks' and object_code is null; 
    • For a specific project only (replace code accordingly):  
      update odf_picklist_contexts set object_code = 'task' where code = '5xxxxx::projects::tasks' and object_code is null; 


Per Engineering DE64612 is fixed in Clarity 16.0.3 (workaround is temporary and will likely run into issue again until Clarity is upgrade).