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Error Viewing Some DYN Endpoint Accounts


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Suite


We're unable to view the DYN endpoint accounts When clicking on the account the error shown for example is: 

ERROR  - invalid connector DN 'cn=ACCOUNTS,cn=subscription_data,cn=subscriptions,orclApplicationCommonName=foo,cn=EBusiness,cn=Products,cn=OracleContext,dc=domain,dc=com': could not be converted to LDAP. (Base DN is 'dc=domain,dc=com'): javax.naming.NamingException: Conversion from connector DN failed


The DYN connector (OID) within the ConnectorXpress does have the orclApplicationEntity objectclass included for containers but it has a naming attribute of orclapplicationcommonname instead of orclApplicationCommonName and that causes the error when an OID account is a member of group object residing under a orclApplicationEntity object on the OID side


Update the DYN Connector project so that the mappings have case sensitive matching attribute names