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UIM - policy_mangement queue is yellow and no processing after deployment of java_jre 2.09


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After the deployment of java_re v2.09 to the OC servers, we identified the policy_management queue was no longer processing alarm policies and in a yellow state. 

We have tried to recycle all OC wasp nodes and the problem remains. 

Policy logs display the following errors: 

2022-03-11 12:24:50,175 DEBUG [Catalina-utility-1] - Registering the policy node to [email protected]://<hubname>:8443/adminconsoleapp
2022-03-11 12:24:50,300 ERROR [Catalina-utility-1] - Registration of this policy node to master failed, PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target
2022-03-11 12:24:50,845 INFO [Timer-0] - Config file successfully loaded.

Note: During the java_jre deployment we removed the old jre version folder. 


Release : 20.4

Component : UIM - INSTALL


Importing the SSL certificates to "D:imsoft\jre\jre8u312b07\lib\security\cacerts" file on all OC nodes resolved the issue. 

2022-03-11 14:44:33,174 DEBUG [Timer-0] - Registering the policy node to [email protected]://<hubname>:8443/adminconsoleapp
2022-03-11 14:44:33,189 DEBUG [Timer-0] - Successfully contacted the node master at https://<hubname>:8443/adminconsoleapp Response={"heartbeat_interval_min":2,"processing_mode":"HA","hubIP":"","primary_policy_node":"","no_failed_attempts":4}
2022-03-11 14:46:33,172 INFO [Timer-0] - Config file successfully loaded.