Perform a warm-start of SCOM Connector
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Perform a warm-start of SCOM Connector


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


We think it is possible to reload a policy, without restarting the connector, like a "warm-start". 

We have to put a file named <Connector-Name>.reload (e.g. CA_77001.xxxxxxx.reload) into the extensions directory of the corresponding connector. 
Once the file has been placed in this directory, it is deleted automatically after a few moments. 
By doing so, a "warm-start" of the connector is performed and the changed policy is loaded. 

On an IFW connector, it works as expected
It isn't working the same way on a Catalyst connector (in this case a SCOM connector), the file just stays there.

Is it also possible to perform a "warm-start" on a Catalyst / SCOM Connector, without recycling the services?

A feature like this would prevent several downtimes of SCOM Connector after a restart due to a change within the policy. 


Release : 4.2

Component : Service Operations Insight (SOI) Generic Connector


Analysis of SCOM connector environment found there were issues with MDR Prod Instance where instance name containing colon(:) port number. When it’s creating event management policies for SCOM connector with name (CA:00031_xxxxxx:9095)  then it's creating a problem.

So due to the colon in the file name, it’s not able to create or reload policy files.




The port number can be removed with the below steps:

  1. Stop the Catalyst container
  2. Remove SCOM connector from SOI Admin page

  3. Clean up the folder CA\Catalyst\CatalystConnector\containerls-store

  4. Modify below SCOMConnector.conf file               CA\Catalyst\CatalystConnector\registry\topology\physical\IBNQA001626xxxxxx_CatalystConnector\modules\configuration\SCOMConnector.conf               

  5. Remove :8081 as below in both places.



          <property name="MdrProdInstance" value=""/>




          <property name="MdrProdInstance" value=""/>


       6. Start Catalyst Container

       7. Remove SCOM connector older instance which is containing port from SOI admin page


Here, it will remove port number from instance name which is showing from SOI administration page

Now, please try to add the .reload file below the location.


Example File Name  :

There is no impact on functionality by removing the port number.

Additional Information

The colon (:) can be replaced by an underscore in the name (_) as an alternative.

In future updates to SCOM connector, the colon will automatically be replaced by underscore in the name.