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After upgrading to Spectrum 21.2.8 we are not able to delete container models.


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


In the test stage we go in to the OneClick client and create and delete LAN containers.
After this we often see the destroyed object remain in the content view or in the hierarchy only.
Even the vnmsh shell show that the destroy was successful.
Or the container remains blocked by the user and further actions are not possible.

LOGOUT/LOGIN solves the issue until the next try.


Software bug that prevents Containers from being destroyed immediately.


Release : 21.2.8

Component : Spectrum OneClick


Please open a support issue and request patch Spectrum_21.02.08.PTF_21.2.805


 DE531013 Details:
  Symptom : Unable to delete containers from OneClick. 
  Resolution: CAPC_ITEM_ID attribute check will be ignored for Container models and they will now be able to get deleted from OneClick Successfully. 
  (DE531013, 33056871)



Additional Information

This same patch also fixes an issue with REST Model Creation

DE530688 Details:
  Symptom : REST API call throws an error while creating a device model. 
  Resolution: Allowing device model creation via REST API. 
  (DE530688, 33052749)