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Banner job end with return code 127.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


All Banner jobs end with: 

2022-03-16 14:47:18             pool-1-thread-2: BannerJob: Checking if there was an error during a kill
2022-03-16 14:47:18             pool-1-thread-2: BannerJob: Check for error:127
2022-03-16 14:47:18             Cap: Error executing Banner command Error code returned:127

Running the command from command line returns the following:

Command:/d04/sct/home/jobsub/UC4gjajobs.shl glbdata P jobsub p 244 DATABASE LANDSCAPE  2 999 JOBSUB null null

/path/UC4gjajobs.shl glbdata P jobsub p 244 DATABASE LANDSCAPE  2 999 JOBSUB null null
Start UC4gjajobs.shl processing Wed Mar 16 14:58:48 EDT 2022
UC4 submit
/path/UC4gjajobs.shl: line 42: /killPid.244: Permission denied
Calling agent source file:
/path/UC4gjajobs.shl: line 52: .: filename argument required
.: usage: . filename [arguments]




Release : 4.x

Component : RA BANNER


The user starting the Banner agent needs access to the $BANNER_HOME/general/exe directory. This hosts all the Banner binaries.