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Patch Management trying to patch Zoom not detecting Zoom correctly


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Client Management Suite Patch Management Solution


Patch Management shows only a small percentages of the Zoom Client installations as applicable to any Zoom Client updates/bulletins in the SW Bulletin Details Compliance reports.


Those computers not showing as applicable to Zoom Client updates/bulletins were installed using the EXE based installer instead of the MSI based installer. 

In this case, the customer downloaded the EXE and MSI installers from There is a main download link at the top for the Zoom client, and this is the EXE based installer for end users. There is a drop-down at the top-right of the page, Download for IT Admin. This links to the MSI based installer that installs for all users on a computer. 

Patch does not have detection checks for the EXE based user install, but if it did, the update would need to be applied by the user who installed the EXE. 


Release :8.x



Uninstall the EXE based user installations and install the MSI based version.