Datacom OAM results not in DBUTLTY job
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Datacom OAM results not in DBUTLTY job


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I was running an Online_Area_Move (OAM) process from my DBUTLTY job with a CXX report after, but the CXX did not show the new file attributes, and the job ended before the OAM process finished. 

Why did this happen?


Component : DATACOM/DB

Component : DATACOM/AD


The OAM process runs in the Multi-User Facility (called MUF) address space, and is detached from the DBUTLTY job that started it.


The main point to remember about the Online_Area_Move (OAM) process is that OAM is asynchronous and runs in the MUF–not DBUTLTY–address space. Therefore, once you issue the console command to start OAM, that DBUTLTY job is "blind" to the operation of this process. DBUTLTY is used to issue the console commands, and cannot monitor the process, just as though you issued the console command directly from Sysview or SDSF, and your TSO session would not be able to wait to perform other functions while you monitor the process. Any updates would be in the MUF log, where you could find all of the status messages for OAM every two minutes.

As is noted in the documentation, "During the OAM process, a series of messages are [sic] written to the MUF job log/console showing the ongoing progress of the OAM." The use of the MUF is also highlighted in the very first sentence in the Online Area Move section:

The Online Area Move functionality provides support for 24x7 businesses. With Online Area Move, you can move index and data areas from one physical data set to another by using the Multi-User Facility (MUF) without interrupting user access to the data rows and indexes that are stored in those areas.

As a result, any information about the OAM process will only be found in the MUF log, and once DBUTLTY has submitted the console command to start it, DBUTLTY will continue with the next command in the input. If you run a MUF COMM OPTION=STATUS command, you would see information like this that the process is still running:

  5:22 989K ***MOVDS         99 ONLAM 253IXX    125 WAIT I/O IXX    CONSOLE ONLINE_A    
            JOHDO10  74347    1 NOT ACTIVE +:++                                         

Therefore, if you have DBUTLTY processing that is dependent on a function like OAM completing its process, you would have to build an automated operations script to monitor messages from the MUF log and respond to them accordingly.

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Datacom if you have further questions.