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Checking an Oracle/Oracle RAC type connection with invalid database parameter freezes the client instead of throwing an error


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


When creating an Oracle or Oracle RAC login object which may contain an incorrect parameter, checking the connection causes the client to freeze or lock up instead of throwing a database error.

The database error can be found in the RMI or Client logs and may vary depending on which database parameter(s) are incorrect.


Cause is under investigation. A similar behavior is listed to be fixed in version 9.3.2 but something may have been changed in version 9.3.3 or above.


Release : 9.3.5 HF1, 9.4.x, but 9.3.3 and 9.3.4 may be affected as well

Component : Applications Manager


Fixed in version 9.4.2

Copy ojdbc*.jar from master's web/classes directory to Client PC's jars directory which is located in the same directory as the RunClient.jar file

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