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Symantec Directory DSAs failing to start reporting 'inconsistent' state after a rollback to previous version of the product (Linux)


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CA Directory


After a rollback to previous version of Symantec Directory, the DSAs are showing 'inconsistent' state during start up phase.

** Before upgrading from Directory 12.0.xx or 12.6.xx to 14.1.xx, you took a backup of entire Directory install (i.e. $DXHOME) in .tar or .tar.gz format at OS level.
** You upgraded to version 14.1.xx
** For some reason you reverted back to previous version by simply restoring from backup taken pre-upgrade.
** Now when you attempt to start the DSAs, it fails stating the DSAs are inconsistent.


It could be related to not reloading the Directory installation owner (usually 'dsa' user) profile properly after a restore is done at OS level.

After a restore/rollback from upgraded version to previous version:

Either... start a new putty session as the Directory installation user (e.g. 'dsa' user)
Or.... 'exit' the current putty session followed by 'su - username' (e.g. username could be 'dsa' or anything that you have configured as) in the existing session to reload Symantec Directory owner's profile.

Reloading the profile once again properly, your Directory DSA instances should start successfully without reporting 'inconsistent' state.