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unable to configure uim Sybase db monitoring


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are currently having an issue with configuring DB monitoring for one of the Sybase DB server, The test connection is not successful. We have checked with our Sybase team and they have confirmed that there is no issue with the DB and the ID that we are using to connection is not locked however the test connection is still not successful

Mar 18 07:59:44:275 [140566934439744] sybase: loglevel = 0, logsize = 100
Mar 18 08:02:02:192 [140566934439744] sybase: (init_context) Profile: test connection SybaseError cs_ctx_alloc(context) failed, err: 0
Mar 18 08:02:02:192 [140566934439744] sybase: (Connect) Profile: test connection SybaseError ct_con_alloc(connection) failed, err: 0
Mar 18 08:02:02:192 [140566934439744] sybase: (destroy_context) Profile: test connection SybaseError ct_exit(context) failed, err: 0



Based on the message in sybinit.err there is a problem with the sybase client configuration:
The context allocation routine failed when it tried to load localization files!!
One or more following problems may caused the failure

Your sybase home directory is /sybase/product/ase/v160. Check the environment variable SYBASE if it is not the one you want!
Using locale name "en_GB.utf8" defined in environment variable LANG
Locale name "en_GB.utf8" doesn't exist in your /sybase/product/ase/v160/locales/locales.dat file


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - SYBASE


Add the localization information for the specific platform to resolve the issue. 
Below is an example of localization information for Linux architecture:
    locale = FRENCH, french, iso_1
    locale = fr, french, iso_1
    locale = fr_BE, french, iso_1
    locale = fr_BE.437, french, cp437
    locale = en_US.UTF-8, us_english, utf8

Additional Information

The locales file, called locales.dat, provides platform-specific locale information in a Sybase proprietary format. This file associates locale names with languages, character sets and collating sequences.