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Forecast ignores missing Objects when renamed if exist on other Client


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


In some cases, Forecast ignores missing objects from a workflow.

Expected behavior:
The workflow where an object is missing should end with status "FAULT_OTHER - Start impossible. Other error."

Observed behavior:
In some cases, the missing object is simply ignored and doesn't show up in the forecast at all. All the entries in the forecast are "Ended - OK".

Hereunder an example of a working forecast:
I created 3 Windows jobs and add them in a Workflow. Executed the forecast. Then i renamed one of the Windows job ( without replacing ). Reran a forecast and i has the expected status.

Here another example with the wrong behavior:

In an existing workflow, I renamed an object ( without replacing). In this screenshot, you can see the object AV.AVQ000_SENT_EOD_START.RA is missing in the workflow.

The forecast generated on this workflow completely ignores the missing object and finishes in ENDED_OK. The missing object AV.AVQ000 is not displayed in the forecast.



Defect in the Automation Engine 12.3.x and 21.x,  the forecasting feature did not consider missing objects in workflows when they existed in another client.


Release : 12.3.x and 21.0.x ONLY



Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix version:
Component(s): Automation Engine 

Automation.Engine 12.3.8HF1 - Available
Automation.Engine 12.3.9  -       Planned release mid June 2022
Automation.Engine 21.0.3  -      Available