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Portfolio sync job failure: Error resolving derived attribute "odf_period_end"


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


The portfolio sync job fails.

On the log files I see the following entries:

ERROR 2022-03-15 01:00:15,397 [Dispatch Synchronize portfolio investments : [email protected] (tenant=clarity)] odf.ObjectController (clarity:6488:16347110__15579CAB-39A1-435A-A083-103F9D60FAF2:Synchronize portfolio investments) Error occurred trying to materialize object "pfm_role_demand"
com.niku.union.odf.exception.ODFException: Error resolving derived attribute "odf_period_end". There is no attribute with code "odf_period_end" defined for object "pfm_investment".
 at com.niku.odf.object.ODFObjectImpl.resolveDerivedAttributes(

What is causing the job to fail?


The pfm_role_demand object is corrupt


1. Go to Administration > Studio > Objects

2. Locate the pfm_role_demand object

3. When editing you will notice a system error

4. On a working environment XOG out the same object

5. XOG the object in on the affected environment