Running a Gen online no-display (batch) application in the DTU on Windows
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Running a Gen online no-display (batch) application in the DTU on Windows


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Attempting to run a Gen (Windows) application as online no-display (batch) application within the Diagram Trace Utility (DTU).  When executing the application, either from the Built Tool or from a command prompt it returns the following error  "Non-screened procedure step <procedure step name> was the target of a display first dialog flow."   There are no dialog flows on the Procedure.   How to run a Gen "Batch" application in Windows?  


Release : 8.6

Component : Gen Run Time, Blockmode


In order to generate, build, and install an online no-display Gen application in Windows, defined the Procedure as 'Online no-display':  Packaged the module as 'Online'.  Select 'IEFAE' as the tp-monitor should generate/install/run.    Specify the profile token CMD_FORM to 'YES'.  

 To execute the application with tracing (DTU) , At execution of the application, the Gen 'C' runtimes look for the application.ini file in the following order: 

1) Model directory (where the load module executable is)
2) Gen directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\CA\Gen86\Gen)
I was able to get my test application to trace from a command line by doing the following...
1.  Generating the application with trace in the toolset.
2.  Start the DTU and listen on a port (default is 4567). 
3.  Open a command prompt and navigate to the online no-display application .exe.  For me it was: 
%USERPROFILE%\Documents\CA\Gen 8.6\Models\sample.ief\c
4.  I then set the AEPATH....'SET AEPATH=<this location>
5.  I then verified the application.ini is in this directory has all three items uncommented.
For ex:
;Enables diagram tracing (equivalent to starting with tracing). Set to any value to enable.
;Identifies the IP Address or Hostname where the Diagram Trace Utility has been invoked from.
;Identifies the port in which the Diagram Trace Utility is listening for connections.
6.  I then execute the command:  <loadmodule> <trancode> 
7.  Note that my aeenv file is in this same location for this test, containing the entry:
'tran <trancode> <loadmodule> <dbuserid> <dbpswd> <dbconnect>
8.  The application then pops up in the DTU for tracing.  

Notes:   In this example the DTU is on the same machine as the application.   This may be the problem...if so, set the 'TRACE_HOST' to the IP address or hostname of the machine running the DTU.   Given this example used the same machine, the host was set to 'localhost'.   Users may have to start a command prompt as admin, do this by right click on the command prompt icon and select 'run as administrator',  this comes into play on accessing certain directories or files due to permissions.