Determining what Storage Protection Key (CVKEY) Dispatch is running in
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Determining what Storage Protection Key (CVKEY) Dispatch is running in


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


After applying the DSINSVC USERMOD to change the Dispatch CVKEY, and then adding the appropriate PPT entries to support the new CVKEY,  is there a way to verify the changes were successful and see what KEY the Dispatch related programs are running in?



Release : 11.7

Component : Dispatch


There are a couple of different options that will identify what storage protection key (CVKEY) the Dispatch CAISYS01 program is running in:

Option 1 - To see what KEY the program is running in via DISPATCH:

- Logon to Dispatch

- At the Dispatch ENTER NEXT TASK CODE prompt...

  Type: DCPROFILE  [enter]

  On the resulting 1st screen look for:

  PRIMARY STORAGE            
  PROTECT KEY:             ??

- To exit...

* Continue to press [enter] until you're back to the ENTER NEXT TASK CODE prompt  

Option 2 - To see what KEY the program is running via SYSVIEW:

- Select 'LOG' from the SYSVIEW MENU
- Issue a '/D PPT' command
- Review the log showing the display command output, find the CAISYS01 program and check KEY Column


PgmName  NC NS PR ST ND BP Key
CAISYS01  .  Y  Y  Y  .  .  4


Additional Information

How to determine what the CVKEY is set to in the CADSSVC module in the Dispatch load library:

1. Browse CADSSVC in your Dispatch loadlib
2. Turn HEX on
3. Issue FIND command:    F x'c0ea'

Example if x'c0ea' is found:

- The 4 in the above display shows that CVKEY=4 is set. The value YOU see, where the 4 is, tells you what CVKEY your CADSSVC module is set to. 

- If x'c0ea' is not found, the CADSSVC module is not performing any program key checks. (i.e. CVKEY=,)

- The CVKEY information can also be found in the output from a DUMPT of the CADSSVC module. The CVKEY setting is found at offset +7D in the DUMPT output.