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View - Deliver Reprints from View


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A user reported an issue regarding performing the reprint of reports processed by Deliver that are in View.

While reprinting they believe they should only get those Distribution IDs with a setting of OUT=Y only, rather than be given a list showing all of the Distribution IDs including those that have a setting of OUT=N.

How can we see only a list of those Distribution IDs with a setting of OUT=Y?


Release : 14.0

Component : View


When a Deliver report reprint is done in View, in ALL mode or EXPO mode, when you use the "D" command to show the corresponding list of Distribution IDs, the full Distribution ID list is obtained from Deliver.

This list will contain the full list of Distribution IDs, regardless of their OUT field setting.

If you want to not print to all the Distribution IDs, then you need to consider having a SARINIT setting of PRTALL=NO.

If it could be a consideration to do report printing from Deliver, rather than doing reprints from View, it may be best in the Deliver Report Definition, to give the corresponding Distribution IDs an Out field of Y.