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How does a Mac MDM Server work with multiple SMPs or in a hierarchy?


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In a hierarchy, does each child SMP server require its own MDM (Modern MacOS Management) server, or do we just configure one for the parent? 



8.6 RU2 +



MDM and SMA work together even if the same Mac device is managed by "Child SMA" and "Parent MDM", but in such scenario the same Mac device may consume a license on Child NS (by SMA) and one more license on Parent NS (by MDM). So 2 licenses will be consumed for the same device in one environment.

MDM Server can only be connected to one SMP.  If multiple SMPs exist where we need to have MDM functionality, multiple MDM Servers will be required.

Our recommendations are:

- If Mac devices will be managed via MDM only (without installing SMA), then it is better to manage them by Parent NS only.
- If Mac devices have SMA installed from Child NS, then it is better to manage those devices via MDM server installed on the same Child NS. All management of MDM needs to be performed from this Child NS.  Move Macs to one SMP.
- Alternatively, another option would be to migrate Mac agents up to the Parent, and have the MDM server configured to the Parent.