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NCM fail to backup device - SPC-OCC-10747 and SPC-OCC-11539


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CA Spectrum


Receiving these errors when attempting to backup configs via SNMP/TFTP. 

SPC-OCC-10747: Error capturing configuration for host
SPC-OCC-11539: Default FTP Directory is not set. Please specify a Default FTP Directory

The Primary Communication is set to SNMP/TFTP and the TFTO Directory is set with the correct path.


For SNMP/TFTP communication to a Cisco device the SpectroSERVER will send an SNMP Set-Request
   to tell the device the config type (ex 4 = running config), tftp server name/ip, the file name to create which should
   trigger the device to send its configuration via TFTP (udp port 69) to the designated tftp server with the designated file name.



In this instance, the get-response (response to the set-request) returned noError but we did not see any TFTP (udp port 69) packets
   initiate from the device in question which then led to the capture failure and the default errors above.




Release : 21.2

Component : Spectrum Applications


There was a firewall blocking TFTP (udp port 69) which prevented the device from being able to connect
   to the tftp software running on the SpectroSERVER. Once a rule was added to allow tftp traffic to the
   tftp server (from the device(s)) the capture was successful.