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SEPM Upgrade fails at 1% on Server Upgrade status


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Endpoint Protection


SEPM Upgrade from 14.x to 14.3 RU4

Upgrade fails during Server upgrade status when attempting to upgrade the Schema

Upgrade failed; check the details.

Warning: Installing Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager does not install


2022-03-09 12:25:54.665 THREAD 30 SEVERE: The statistics 'RESERVED_BIGINT1' is dependent on column 'RESERVED_BIGINT1'.
2022-03-09 12:25:54.665 THREAD 30 SEVERE:  at
2022-03-09 12:25:54.665 THREAD 30 SEVERE:  at
2022-03-09 12:25:54.665 THREAD 30 SEVERE:  at

During the upgrade we clean up the database schema. We remove a number of reserved_type columns that have been present in some of the tables for a long time but were never used.

When the scripts to remove those columns runs, it gets into an error because one of those columns has a statistics item tied to it so it fails to delete it.  There should not be statistics elements tied to these columns and the SEPM does not create any. We need to find them and remove them.


Endpoint Protection Manager 

14.3 RU4 14.3.7388.4000

SQL Server 


You need to have a DBA that could try and find this statistic and remove them.

The script that is run is this:

SQL Command:  BEGIN  DECLARE @sql_alter NVARCHAR(MAX)  DECLARE @name_schema VARCHAR(256)  DECLARE @name_table VARCHAR(256)  DECLARE @name_column VARCHAR(256)   DECLARE cursor_all_table_column CURSOR   FOR SELECT schema_name(tab.schema_id),,   FROM sys.tables tab, SYS.columns col   WHERE tab.object_id = col.object_id and like 'reserved_%'   ORDER BY,   OPEN cursor_all_table_column;  FETCH NEXT FROM cursor_all_table_column INTO @name_schema,@name_table,@name_column   WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0   BEGIN    SELECT @sql_alter = 'ALTER TABLE ' + @name_schema + '.' + @name_table + ' DROP COLUMN ' + @name_column    EXEC SP_EXECUTESQL @sql_alter     FETCH NEXT FROM cursor_all_table_column INTO @name_schema,@name_table,@name_column    END   CLOSE cursor_all_table_column;   DEALLOCATE cursor_all_table_column; END

Once the statistic(s) on these columns are removed, running the upgrade.bat again should allow you to complete the database schema upgrade.


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