JDBC Database connections are continuous recycling
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JDBC Database connections are continuous recycling


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CA API Gateway


We have a cluster of API 10 CR4 gateway's 

We are experiencing a weird behavior. One of the database pool is recycling connections every few minutes and the other one is not doing that .


Release : 10.0

Component :


The maxIdleTime c3p0 setting should prevent the pool manager to close the idle connections .

This can be reproduced when you set the maxIdleTime to a short value . 

make sure the setting is applied correctly and there is no  typo  or non printable char in the c3p0 settings name

remove all the current c3p0 settings you have defined.

create only the c3p0.maxIdleTime again, to do this make sure you type it do not copy paste 

Type "maxIdleTime" and select the box for c3p0 settings  set the value to 0 .

save the jdbc datasource and see if you still see the connection to the database are still being recycled .