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Alert Manager column values are not being updated as History shows.


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Automation Point


AP Rev=33415 Dec 15 2021

While monitoring some new AP automation, I have noticed that when an explicit AMS UPDATE of an alert is performed, the attributes updated are not always reflected in the Alert Manager webpage.

For example, the Date & Time and Last Updated fields do not match the actual update as shown in the History for the alert.  So, when sorting by the most recently updated alerts, these alerts don't appear in the order that they should.  One instance was where alert 196481 was updated on 01/24/2022 at 10:31:14 CT, as seen in the REXX.LOG output and in the Alert Manager History for the alert, but the webpage shows the previous values.



Release : 11.7

Component : Automation Point


Patch ap117067ServerPatch.exe fixes the reported defect 

Further filtering issues were later determined to be outside of Automation Point and are suspected to be caused by either MS Edge or the laptop configuration of the user.