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DB Data Repository Stuck in Initializing


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DB Stuck in initializing stage, cant start or stop db.

 Node              | Host           | State        | Version          | DB
 v_drdata_node0001 || INITIALIZING | vertica- | drdata
 v_drdata_node0002 || INITIALIZING | vertica- | drdata
 v_drdata_node0003 | | INITIALIZING | vertica- | drdata

 DB     | Host | State

When stop db, got an error:

Database drdata not stopped successfully for the following reason:
DB client operation "stop db" failed during `connect-plaintext`: ConnectionError: Severity: FATAL, Message: Node startup/recovery in progress. Not yet ready to accept connections, Sqlstate: 57V03, Routine: initSession, File: /data/qb_workspaces/jenkins2/ReleaseBuilds/Hammermill/REL-10_1_1-x_hammermill/build/vertica/Session/ClientSession.cpp, Line: 573, Error Code: 4149



Dx NetOps Performance Management any version


To resolve you can do the following

  1. Launch adminTools
  2. Choose 7 Advanced Menu
  3. Choose 3 Kill vertica process on host - this will stope all vertica processes on each host

Then restart the database.  The database should start at this point