Spectrum to OI feed not working


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CA Spectrum


The feed from Spectrum OC to OI has been stopped:

Validation is failing while starting the service.

Validating connections...

Spectrum   : SUCCESS

TAS        : FAILED

Jarvis     : FAILED

OIUrl      : FAILED

Validation failed, please check logs for errors.


Expired Certificate


Spectrum All Releases


1. Check the certificates that are being used.
In this scenario, the Jarvis certificate being used was expired.

2.  Access the Jarvis URL. 
If it has the latest certificate download the certificate and copy it to the server.
If not get a new certificate.

3. Reimport the certificate. To Import run below syntax.

syntax: keytool -importcert -alias jarvisssl -file jarvisServer.cer -keystore /<SpectrumDataPublisher-HOME>/Security/cacerts

example: Navigated to SpectrumDataPublisher folder and ran below Import command.

$/apps/spectrum/Java/bin/keytool -importcert -alias jarvisssl -file jarvisServer.cer -keystore Security/cacerts

If the import fails with the error as below, follow step 4 else skip to step 5.

Keytool error: " java.lang.Exception: Certificate not imported, alias <jarvisssl> already exists."

a)As error show it already exists, run the below keytool delete command

syntax: $<PATH>/java/bin/keytool delete -alias ${cert.alias}  -keystore ${keystore.file}  

example: Navigated to  /SpectrumDataPublisher/Security directory and ran below Keytool delete

$/apps/spectrum/Java/bin/keytool delete -alias jarvisssl -keystore cacerts

b) Now you can run Import again as per step 3.

5. After the certificate is imported successfully, restart the SpectrumDataPublisher Services.

Additional Information


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