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How to upgrade the SSL Visibility S550 BIOS


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If the SV-550 needs it's BIOS upgraded, these directions provide the steps to complete this task.


You can find out if the bios needs to be updated in the GUI under "Monitor->System Status". This shows only if an update is required or not. To find out detailed information (bios version) go to the menu on the top right that has the hostname and choose the Information submenu. 



Customer Diagnostics provides a utility that facilitates upgrading either the BIOS or ME image.  

These instructions assume that user knows how to boot the customer diagnostics

At the Diagnostic > prompt type  "help upgrade bios". Note the help string for the upgrade bios command  is as follows:

upgrade bios [secondary | me]

The above help string  should be interpreted to mean that you can perform any one of the following command actions individually:

                CLI. Command                         Comments
1. upgrade bios                                     ## Upgrade the primary bios only
2. upgrade bios secondary                   ## Upgrade the secondary image only
3. upgrade  bios me                             ## Upgrade the ME only

After executing the preferred command precisely follow the instructions presented on the console screen. The instructions presented on the console inform the user precisely what steps must be completed for a successful firmware upgrade.  

The ME firmware doesn't have to be updated.  The COE CLI  "firmware update" command will update ME firmware automatically if it detects that the new version is available.  The ME firmware comes with BIOS firmware in a single binary.