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What are the steps required to configure Spectrum SQL Test to test a MS SQL query.


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CA Spectrum


We require to configure a Service Performance Manager (SPM) SQL Query Test (CA SystemEDGE) in Spectrum, What would be the steps necessary for that other than creating the test in Spectrum.


SQL Query tests are for SystemEDGE hosts only.


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Applications


Instructions on how to configure the SystemEDGE agent to run SQL Query test, can be obtained from SystemEDGE documentation.

For MS SQL, you can do next:

1. Change to the Install_Path/SystemEDGE/jre/lib/ext directory.
2. Check, if sqljdbc41.jar is available.
    If the SQL JDBC is not available, perform the following steps:
      2.1 Download the SQL JDBC 4.2 driver from
            The latest version that will work with SystemEDGE 5.9 is SQL JDBC driver 4.1, but that jar is contained in the 4.2 package.   
            The direct download link is here or here        
      2.2 Extract the downloaded driver package and copy <package>\sqljdbc_4.2\enu\jre7\sqljdbc41.jar to the Install_Path/SystemEDGE/jre/lib/ext directory.
      2.3 Restart SystemEDGE to load the new Java classes.

3. Set up a new SQL tests, from Spectrum OneClick console. Next an example:

* SQL Driver:
* Connect String: jdbc:sqlserver://;databaseName=CA_UIM;user=sa;password=RVDu!n9<