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True Client IP not captured for Web URL hosted via Akamai Proxy


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We've found that the actual client IPs are not captured after we migrated some of our URLs to Akamai Proxy and the IP shown in the logs is Akamai IP address.

Based on Akamai, this is how they are configured to send the real client IP -



I have verified that they're indeed sending the client IP as "True-Client-IP" header by capturing in the Apache logs.

From the Siteminder Documentation, I found below -

In this case, should I be adding new Agent Config parameter value pair as follows?

CustomIpHeader: True-Client-IP

I'd also like to check if there will be impact to other web agents for URLs that are not passing through Akamai Proxy as there are a few agents sharing the same ACO.


Release : 12.8.03



For the initial query - The Answer is "Yes . You need to set the CustomIpHeader: True-Client-IP
For the agent to look for the header and use it as the IP that request coming - 
This identically should not be an issue for other agents as long as you are not using RequireClientIP ACO and the issue will appear if it is been used / turned on.
if CustomIPheader is set and RequireClientIP is set to yes , if we are not able to Resolve the custom IP header from the True-Client-IP request will be rejected