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Rediscovery always returns a Pingable for a VXS virtual host context


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


We have several Checkpoint VSX nodes where we collect data from the individual VM’s via the context metric family. We now have the issue that some VM’s do not collect data anymore (status in CAPM = mgt. lost), and when I remove them from the CAPM system and re-discover the VSX host, they are added as pingable.

Unable to rediscover a virtual node via it's context. It's always rediscovered as Pingable.

DX NetOps Performance Management discovery of Checkpoint VSX virtual nodes results in only Pingable devices. Not the expected SNMP managed device items.


Code change from defect DE509527 broke the context name discovery.


DX NetOps releases 21.2.4 through 21.2.8


This is being addressed through defect DE528546. This will be resolved in the 21.2.9 release. Upgrade to that release when available.

There is no workaround available to resolve this problem.