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Repairing SPE's configuration.xml file edited with Notepad instead of using the xmlmodifier tool


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Protection Engine for NAS Protection Engine for Cloud Services


Modification with Microsoft's Windows Notepad of the configuration.xml (or any other configuration file contained with the /bin folder) may cause misreading of configuration settings.  This may introduce various SPE failures including the SPE service failing to start.  This is why it is preferred to avoid using Notepad when modifying the configuration files.

Additonally, typos and invisible characters may be introduced when modifying the file directly.   The first step to repair the file is to convert the file back to the original format using a program like, Notepad++.

Example:  Notepad edited file:

Example:  A unedited file:






Microsoft's Notepad text editor typically converts the LF (LineFeed) symbol to the Windows/DOS CR/LF (Carriage Return/Line Feed) pairs.


Any version of SPE


To repair existing configuration.xml file with Notepad++:

  1. Install Notepad++
  2. Perform a Search/Replace for CR and LF  - "Find What:  \r\n"  and "Replace with: \n"

3.   Inspect file for invisible characters.

4.   In the future avoid these type of issues by using the xmlmodifier tool to make configuration changes.  See: About XMLModifier tool 

Additional Information

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