How can I scratch tapes shared between a Production LPAR and a Disaster Recovery LPAR, but still maintain the correct Category Code?


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CA 1 Tape Management


In a system where the VTL (TS7700) is shared between a 'Production' LPAR and a 'Disaster Recovery' (DR) LPAR, there are tapes in Error Status ('REJ BY TAP MGT SYS' is the status given in the TCDB for both the Production and DR LPARs).  The goal is to make these tapes Scratch and also EJECT these tapes from the DR system.  The Category Code for these tapes is currently '000E' related to the Production LPAR.  On the DR LPAR, the Category Code for a *scratch* tape would be '0092'. 

What will happen if these tapes are scratched on the DR LPAR?  What Category Code will get set (Production or DR)?  Will these tapes be immediately available for use on the production system, even though they have been scratched on the DR system?     



Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management


The CTSSYNC utility can be used to place a volume in PRIVATE, and then SCRATCH status to reset the error status of the volume (and return it to the original category code of the volume, and have it in SCRATCH status). When this process is performed, it will set the Category Code to whatever is defined for the system from which CTSSYNC is performed (and the result is the same if ISMF is used to clear this error condition - either method could be used).  These tapes will be usable on the system with a matching Category Code (in this case, the DR system would be able to use the tapes - the Category Code would be reset to '0092').