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Load Data Warehouse Incremental slow performance on dwh_x_plan_act_per_facts (PG)


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Load Data Warehouse Incremental stuck on dwh_x_plan_act_per_facts (PostgreSQL) and creating high bloat and temp usage on GCP

  1. Connect PostgreSQL with large amount of financial plans
  2. Ensure in Data Warehouse Settings " Consistent Fiscal Periods across Entities" is checked and "Include only financial Plan of Record" is unchecked
  3. Run Load Data Warehouse - Full, note it completes successfully
  4. Now edit a large amount of financial plans (by users or run a query to update the last_updated_date)
  5. Run Load Data Warehouse - Incremental job

Expected Results: The job to run successfully and without issues

Actual Results: The job is hanging, runs much slower than usual, and creates excessive bloat, taking too much database temp space


Release : 16.0.1 with PostgreSQL

Component : Clarity Data Warehouse


Workaround: Select "Include only financial Plan of Record" in System Settings if possible / or just run Full Load of Data Warehouse

This is DE64425, reviewed by Engineering - suggested solutionLoad DWH Enable Actuals Plan Toggle for Financial Period Plan Facts