Adding SQLNAMEs to Datacom/DB Datadictionary Areas
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Adding SQLNAMEs to Datacom/DB Datadictionary Areas


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The SQLNAME attribute was added to the Datadictionary areas in Version 12.0, and depending on the update jobs and DDUPDATE transaction sets that were processed during the upgrade jobs, the Datadictionary system areas in DB 2 and 15 might have been updated or they might have been skipped. This is normally not a problem, but in the event that solutions or features are published that require SQLNAME for these areas, the jobs to update the Datadictionary will fail.

This article provides a job that can be run to check if the SQLNAME attribute is in place for each of the Datadictionary areas, and if not, creates DDUPDATE input statements that will correct this.






This article applies to Datacom/DB only.

Before running the process below, please be sure that you have applied PTF LU04672, titled "ENHANCEMENT: DB CODE FOR INTERNAL DICTIONARY NEEDS."

The JCL that is attached to this article will do the following:

  1. Run DBSQLPR to extract those areas in Datadictionary that have no SQLNAME
  2. Run SORT to reformat the output from #1, above, and create DDUPDATE transactions
  3. Run DDUPDATE to process the 1000 ALTER and 1500 SQLNAME transactions.

This job should complete with condition codes of zero.

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Datacom if you have further questions.


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