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Baseline costs not availabile in DWH if assignments are removed from the task.


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Problem: If you create a task, add assignments and baseline task, the move the assignments to a newly created child task the summary task, original task with the baseline is not available in the DWH. 


 1. Create a task 
 2. Assign Resources 
 3. Make sure there is a matrix associated with the project 
 4. Make sure resources have financial information 
 5. Run full rate matrix extraction job (parameters 2 and 3) 
 6. Baseline the project 
 7. Check that the task has baseline information (ETC Cost) 
 8. Run Load DWH job 
 9. Run report Project Task and Effort for the project 
 10. See the costs for that task 
 11. Go back to the project 
 12. Create a NEW child task under the original task that has the baseline info  
 13. Move the assignments to the new child task 
 14. Baseline numbers will still show on the original task 
 15. Run Load DW Job again 
 16. Run Report: Project Cost and Effort Report or Investment Baseline Plan by Task Report for the project 

Expected Results: Original task will show with the baseline information. 

Actual Results: The task has no information - only shows as a summary of the child in the report. 
Workaround: Create a new baseline. 


This is reported as defect DE61697.  Upon further investigation on how the baseline details are handled in Clarity and fed into the DWH, it has been determined that further work is needed to correct this scenario.



Release : 15.2

Component : Clarity Data Warehouse


Currently, the work around is to create a new baseline so the costs are associated with the correct tasks/assignments.