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Test VNASDN models not seen after loading an SSDb from the production environment to the test environment.


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We have a production Spectrum environment integrated with a production VNA environment and a test Spectrum environment integrated with a test VNA environment.

For testing, we take a SpectroSERVER database backup (SSdb) file from the production environment and load it on the SpectroSERVER in the test environment.

When we start a Spectrum OneClick, it still show the production VNA/SDN models and not the test VNA/SDN models.


The VNA/SDN models from the production environment need to be deleted and the VNA/SDN models from the test environment need to be discovered.


Release : 21.2

Component : Spectrum Integrations


To resolve this issue:

- Load a production SSDB onto development SpectroSERVER system

- Wait for the SpectroSERVER to become 100% active

- On the SDN Manager model:

    - Update the SDN_Enabled_OC_Server attribute id 0x6730005 to the FQDN of the test OneClick system

    - Update the SDN_Enabled_OC_Port attribute 0x6730006 to the http port of the OneClick system

- With the VNA integration enabled, restart tomcat on the OneClick system

- Wait 5 - 10 minutes to build the inventory for the data stored in the SSdb

- Disable the VNA integration. Wait 5 - 10 minutes to delete all the production non snmp and port models SDN models

- Enable the VNA integration and run a Discovery