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After Domain migration in our environment, unable to submit job


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


We had domain migration in our environment to align to domain changes at organization. We noticed that post this we are unable to submit a Job though node shows online on the UVC console.

When trying to submit a job/node settings we get below error

Server cannot be reached: ServerException *


As we reviewed the logs we see below errors.

Examples of error Messages :
From UVC log file: 
Agent IO Connection problem - ServerException - connect: error creating socket to node_name/port_number

From unijob universe.log file: 
u_connect | u_gethostbyname_mf(uvms_node_name) returns error: Unknown host (gethostbyname(uvms_node_name) returns null pointer)

Post domain migration it resulted in change of the DNS of nodes and this is not updated in UVMS, which still have old DNS mapping against each node. When a Job is launched, it still tried to resolve to old DNS of node which doesn't exist any more and hence result in error

Server cannot be reached: ServerException *


Note: For troubleshooting connectivity issues refer additional information section "DUAS: Communication issues between UVMS/UVC and Nodes through the network" 

  • UVMS server: run below command

#Output: request could not find host
  • UVMS Server, validate the hostname of the NODES (refer additional information section for unilst command document)
$UVMS_INSTALL_DIR\app\bin\unilst NODE -full

$UVMS_INSTALL_DIR\app\bin\unilst NODE -full -node <NODE_NAME_OR_FILTER>


Release : 6.x



Update the Dollar Universe node registration in the list of UVMS nodes. The mentioned steps need to be performed on DUAS sever

  1. Load node environment: $NODE_INSTALL_DIR\unienv.(bat|ksh)
  2. Check connectivity to UNIMS: $NODE_INSTALL_DIR\bin\unims -checkms
  3. Stop the node : $NODE_INSTALL_DIR\bin\unistop 
  4. Update the node hostname: $NODE_INSTALL_DIR\bin\unims -update -host NEW_FQDN_OF_THE_NODE
  5. Start the node: $NODE_INSTALL_DIR\bin\unistart

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