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Temperature is below the critical low temperature value


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Security Analytics


You may see the following error coming from the Security Analytics storage array:  

Unhealthy Components

Enclosure 0, Power Supply 0, Temperature Inlet Loc: left-PSU - Fault

The temperature is below the critical low temperature value.

- The enclosure operating range is 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F). If the ambient temperature is not too cold, a temperature sensor in this FRU has probably failed. Replace this FRU.


Dell VA084
Dell U840
Dell VA012
Dell U144


Typically this is caused by a fault temperature sensor that is built into the power supply unit (PSU).  The solution is to replace the PSU.  Contact technical support and be prepared to share the support logs from the storage array.  

See this article for details on how to collect the storage logs: Collecting logs for Dell VA084/U840 or VA012/U144 storage arrays