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Identity Suite - Cannot access machine due to 'cannot allocate memory' error


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CA Identity Suite CA Identity Manager


When trying to putty into our Identity Suite machine, the error "cannot allocate memory" is presented on the screen.


Release : 14.X

Identity Suite


The error indicates that the physical system has run out of memory. This could be caused by a few things.

1) The allocated amount of memory was reduced by the VM team.

2) The inappropriate amount of memory was allocated to the machine when it requires more.

3) After performing performance tuning the software now requires more memory than the provided amount.

To resolve this issue, first, have your VM team cycle the machine and see if the issue persists. If it still persists, have the VM team allocate more memory to the machine until it no longer uses 100% of the memory and then determine which application is using all the memory. If it is performance tuning related then further increase the amount of memory so that the machine is not always peeked at full memory utilization.