Where are all the Web Viewer 14.0 logs
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Where are all the Web Viewer 14.0 logs


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Output Management Web Viewer


What logs are available for Web Viewer 14.0 and where are they located?  Where is maintenance about changes made to the repositories?


Release : 14.0

Component : Output Management Web Viewer

CCS Apache Tomcat



 Here are the logs that are currently available:

  1. The Web Viewer log which according to the log4j2.xml file is written to STDOUT and the $CAWVHOME/logs directory.  This is where the Web Viewer messages are written.
  2. Tomcat has an access log which logs API calls made to the any application running on that Tomcat server.  This is set up in the Tomcat server.xml file - if you are using the default from CCS Tomcat. This log is in the tomcat/logs directory.
  3. View logs access to View databases using SMF records.  Note this isn't a log but supplies information about Web Viewer 14.0 in addition to other information.

NOTE:  Repositories have the fields created by, date created, modified by and modified date.  The modified fields won't tell what was changed, just the user, date and time of the last change. Web Viewer r14 does not have user profiles so that does not apply. Otherwise, the only thing we have for Web Viewer r14 are the messages in the Web Viewer log.

Additional Information

See the Metrics section of the View online documentation that describes all SMF records that can be written. Scroll through this section to find which records are written for Web Viewer 14.0.

Product Management has added the following feature request to the backlog:
  - Add proper auditing to Web Viewer.