How can I Report on a Target Filter Membership?
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How can I Report on a Target Filter Membership?


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IT Management Suite Client Management Suite Server Management Suite


There is a need to report on a Target membership.


Release: 8.x


  1. Navigate to Manage > Computers. In the Target area
  2. Locate the target you want to report on.
  3. Right-click the target and select Properties in the context menu
  4. Copy the GUID (exclude the brackets)
  5. Paste the GUID into the last line of this query:


select as 'Target', as 'Computer'
from  ResourceTargetMembershipCache mc
join item i on i.guid = mc.ResourceTargetGuid
join vcomputer vc on vc.guid = mc.ResourceGuid
where mc.ResourceTargetGuid = 'TARGET GUID'


To add this report as a custom report in the console:

  1. Navigate to Reports > All Reports
  2. Right-click a folder where you want to store the report and select New > Report > SQL Report
  3. Delete the initial query seen in the Data Source > Parametrized Query tab
  4. Paste in the above query with the GUID of the desired target
  5. Click Save Changes