Vantage - VKG0166E Object Definitions NOT Found : HSMAUTST
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Vantage - VKG0166E Object Definitions NOT Found : HSMAUTST


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


With the new release of VANTAGE 14.1 the following messages are displayed: 

11.16.39 STC60291  VKG0135I Object=HSMAUTST NOT Available
11.16.39 STC60291  VKG0166E Object Definitions NOT Found,HSMAUTST
11.16.39 STC60291  VKG0905E Event Procedure Ended with Error. See Activity Log or Previous Messages,HSMAUTST
11.16.39 STC60291  VAN0735I Automation Script LOG      HSMAUTST: Control returned from the Event Procedure
11.16.39 STC60291  VAN0734I Automation Script CONMSG   VKG0905E: Control given to the Event Procedure,CBR3762F
11.16.39 STC60291  S ESMNOTFY,M='SYSS HSMAUTST script failed in SAMS - 13MAR2022 11:17'



Release : 14.1

Component : Vantage Storage Resource Manager


HSMAUTST is a duplicate of the OBJ06105. The OBJ06105 has been available in the object tree Auto Functions folder for longtime.

The HSMAUTST was marked obsolete in the code in the 12.6 PTF RO65524 and removed with VANTAGE 14.1.

A new script should be created of the OBJ06105, which will cover the new history.