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Jobs Not Posting After Timezone change Entered on z/VSE


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FAQS - Automated Systems Operation


Last night operation reporting that jobs were not posting completed and successors were not being initiated. Operations had to manually post jobs to make the successors run.


The only thing that change was that we changed the time zone with the following command TIME ZONE=VM. Which took the time zone from VM and set the time in VSE to the correct time zone. We did not perform an IPL or recycle JCLSCHED or PCSSERV. 


This is the first time we changed the time zone without and IPL. Is FAQS/PCS sensitive to a time zone change? Does it need to be recycled after a time zone one change.




Release : 5.1

Component :


The only way to engage the change made to the TIME ZONE = value from VSE to VM is to recycle the subsystem

You must recycle FAQS