emailgtw probe - how can we create a template with just the alarm message in the subject?
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emailgtw probe - how can we create a template with just the alarm message in the subject?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How can we configure emailgtw to send an email with the alarm message in the subject line only, and a blank body?


Release : 20.3

Component : EMAILGTW


- in emailgtw create a new profile and make sure "report recipient" box is checked. (this checkbox is a little misleading but it essentially makes the profile "active").  put in the email that you want to send it to like this-

So in this case I created the profile called "textme" and put in the subject just as:


When you first get here, the textbox under "HTML Template" will be empty but you can type something in there and it will create a new template with the name you give it.  So in the above example I typed in the word "blank" under HTML Template.  Then you click Edit, and it will prompt you with a message like "tempate 'blank' not found, create it?" 

Say yes and then when you create the template just put a single empty space in the body and save it.


Click OK and save it and then in your NAS Auto Operator that does the email sending, you want to send it to the same profile name (like "textme" in my example) instead of putting an email address directly here.  emailgtw will automatically pick this up and send it to the email address(es) defined in the profile there using the given template.


That should achieve the desired result where only the contents of $message are included in the subject line and the body is blank.  (This is ideal when sending to a mobile phone as text message, for example).

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