APIM ASM integration is down
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APIM ASM integration is down


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


The ASM alerts are not feeding into the APIM AIOPS tenant.  

Tier1 is not currently receiving ASM alerts for the APIM product.  

This can be seen if you look at the alerts ASM management Module, select any ASM alert, change the preview to 3 months and you can see when the ASM system stopped alerting.  

Observed outcome: alerts not flowing into AIOPS

Expected outcome:  alerts flowing into AIOPS

Experiencing problem:  Since December

Business Impact:  Could miss alerts that impact SLA

There is an alert configured to check 'ASM Integration APIM Server-connection status' but it is not configured for any notification channels.  I don't know who this alert should notify or if Tier1 has instruction on who to contact if this alert is triggered.  Please configure this alert for the appropriate notification channel.


Release : SAAS

Component :


In the Agent logs, the following message was found.

Login Error: message = authentication error, code = 1,000, info = account locked, login on website to unlock 


This indicates that the ASM API portion of the account is locked.  You can verify this by running the login API manually by going to the below site and entering the API credentials.  You should get the below response indicating to login to the ASM UI to unlock.


<watchmouse version="2022.02.005/2022.02.005">
<error>authentication error</error>
<info>account locked, login on website to unlock</info>


To unlock the account, you need to login to the ASM UI using the master account email and the UI password on that account. 

Please keep in mind the UI password and the API password are separate and cannot be the same.  The UI password is entirely separate from the API password.

The API password is what the ASM Agent uses to gather metrics from ASM and display it in APM.

The UI password is used to login to the ASM UI and create/modify/delete monitors.

Once you have logged into the ASM UI, the API account will be unlocked.